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Scientific research on display for UK Fungus Day

See behind the scenes of research


7 October 2023, 11:00 - 15:00

Bioscience, University of Exeter

The fungal biologists at the University of Exeter, Devon Fungus Group and local artists are thrilled to be showcasing their work at an Open Doors event to mark UK Fungus Day 2023.


Thousands of species of fungi are known to grow in the UK, with many more yet to be discovered. Some are friends and some are foe - reflecting the many faces of fungi. On UK Fungus Day, the researchers at Exeter will be sharing their knowledge and passion about the importance of fungi in our lives and, in turn, they hope to inspire others to improve their scientific knowledge and appreciation of fungi. 


Why not attend an on-campus foray, or chat with researchers about their work? A variety of interactive displays will be available for all ages.   


Go to the Bioscience laboratories (located within the Geoffrey Pope Building, EX4 4QD) at the University of Exeter. Please note that parking may be limited on the day and we would encourage visitors to use public transport links.

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