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Art projects

The British Mycological Society runs the Massee Arts Grant, named after the first President of the British Mycological Society, George Edward Massee. The grant offers financial support for the creation of artistic works that stimulate dialogue between artists, mycologists and the public. The mission of the British Mycological Society is to promote fungal science and we recognise that art, in all its forms, provides a powerful route through which we can attract new audiences, provoke discussion and stimulate interest in mycology. We are showcasing the work of this year’s Massee Arts Grant awardees here!

Massee Arts Grants awarded in 2023

An Artistic Exploration of Mycotoxins
Anna Dumitriu 

Bio-Artist Anna Dumitriu will collaborate with Dr Carol Verheecke-Vaessen and the Applied Mycology Group at Cranfield University to develop and create an innovative new body of sculptural artworks that will inspire audiences and increase public awareness of the importance of mycotoxins in our society.

Visit Anna's website.

News from Anna Dumitriu

I visited the lab at Cranfield University and have been introduced to mycotoxin producing fungi: Aspergillus, Alternaria, Claviceps, Fusarium and Penicillium. I've collected lots of materials and we went on a field trip and collected some ergot growing on wheat. 

Anna's work in progress photos

The Great Pottery Mushroom Make-off
Jennifer Ashby


Potter Jenny Ashby will involve 1000 people in the making of 1000 ceramic fungi that will be exhibited at Westbury Wildlife Park during an event on Saturday 7th October, to host the installation of the ceramic mushrooms and to celebrate UK Fungus Day.  

Visit Jenny's website.


News from Jenny Ashby

I've been busy running the mushroom making sessions and organising our event for UK Fungus Day on 7 October at Westbury Wildlife Park. So far we have run 2 big making days which involved 200 people on each day, with another 2 days scheduled. I've also been running separate workshops for groups that are classed as vulnerable, disadvantaged and hard to reach. At the moment we are half way through our goal of making 1000 mushrooms. 

Jenny's work in progress photos

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