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Helping young people understand biodiversity and the role of fungi in the environment, encouraging cross-curricular links between Arts, Science, English, Music and History, and celebrating all who take part!

Be inspired by fungi

With fungi capturing our attention and making increasing appearances in television, film, art, and music, now is the perfect time to celebrate these amazing organisms, essential to life on Earth! Fungi Connect aims to encourage young people up to age 18 to become inspired by the fungi around them, and to create their own pieces of work all about the Kingdom Fungi.

School or youth groups just need to sign up to take part, then any young person within the 'team' can submit their fungus inspired work. We'd love some cross-curricular connections to be made between the arts, science, music, and more! 

Mushrooms Close-Up

Creative writing

How about a fungus-inspired poem, a haiku, or a story?

Scientific writing

Tell us what you know about fungi and their role in the world, whether that's environmental, medical, industrial or something else.


Be creative with your interpretation of fungi, be it through paint, pencil, pottery, or programming!


Write a song or piece of music; what might a fungus sound like?


When and where have fungi played an important role? For example, the development of antibiotics and their impact on the outcome of World War 2.


Get out and about, see what you can find and photograph it on your phone or camera.

Work will be celebrated and shared with a broad online audience, including here on this website, as part of UK Fungus Day, 5 October 2024, and schools/groups that send more than 10 pieces of fungus-inspired work will be rewarded for taking part!

Next steps

We highlight the work on this website and social media!

Display the posters we send you, and encourage participation!

Any Team with 10 or more entries will receive a prize!

Make sure your team members know your team name, and how to submit

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