Imagine the city as a place of invisible connections, as part of the biosphere interlinking all living beings. Can you see that the city is also a forest?

Probe soil and reveal mycorrhizal networks. Probe bodies and discover that ‘we’ are ecosystems spanning boundaries and transgressing categories.

Through workshops and performances, becoming fungi, becoming forest will reveal human entanglements in this shimmering ‘biome’ of interacting beings and systems (humans, fungi, trees, microbes, and other life), on scales from massive to microscopic. 

You are multiple.

Workshop collage of images

Performing the mycelial cityCarolyn Deby

"Our project overall is trying to highlight fungi and mycelial connections across many aspects of life, using performance, science, and experiential public interactions, in collaboration with medical mycology scientists, artists, mushroom growers, polyphonic singers, wild yeast fermenters and brewers, tree wardens, foragers, and more."  Carolyn Deby

Entangled Life with fungi

Merlin Sheldrake and sirenscrossing artists - live in Coventry, City of Culture

Presented in association with the British Mycological Society and Coventry UK City of Culture 2021, author Merlin Sheldrake (Entangled Life) in conversation with sirenscrossing artists.  By examining fungi on their own terms, Sheldrake reveals how these extraordinary organisms – and our relationships with them – are changing our understanding of how life works. 

Fungibecoming fungi, becoming forest is a project devised by sirenscrossing artist-collaborators in collaboration with humans and nonhumans in Coventry, UK.

Created by sirenscrossing, becoming fungi, becoming forest is commissioned by Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2021, with support from The Pod/Food Union, MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at University of Exeter, British Mycological Society, Arboricultural Association, Coventry Tree Wardens, and GroCycle.

The project is developed collaboratively by artists Carolyn Deby, Katye Coe, Jia-Yu Corti, Lisa Franklin, Jamie McCarthy, Camilla Nelson, and Adele Mary Reed.

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