53463321-clock-with-5-minutes.jpg  5 Minutes of Fungi


Our 2021 '5 minutes of fungi' stars


Ali Ashby - The Fungus in the Rye

Cameron Diekonigin - Black Things on Sticks and Other Fungi

David Harries - Grassland Waxcaps and DNA Barcoding

Corina Marcos - How Mushrooms Infiltrated My Life

Dr Alison Ashby
Ali is a fungal biologist, specialising in plant pathogens, and an established science communicator, having spent many years promoting fungi and fungal science in schools, on the radio and at public outreach events, including UK Fungus Day - as the previous Chair of the British Mycological Society's Fungal Education & Outreach committee. She is currently in the process of publishing her first book ‘Unravelling the Fungus Among Us’, which is intended to be accessible to everyone who is interested in discovering more about the fungal kingdom and the extraordinary impact fungi have on the world around us and our everyday lives.
David Harries
David is a field mycologist with a particular interest in fungi that belong to the waxcap-grassland assemblage. David joined the British Mycological Society about 20 years ago and in 2005, together with like-minded colleagues, established the Pembrokeshire Fungus Recording Network. He served on the BMS Field Mycology and Conservation Committee as BMS Recording Network coordinator for 8 years up to the end of 2020. David’s current interests include using DNA barcoding to assist with fungus recording. David is part of a growing network of field mycologists participating in a barcoding programme which is run with support from the BMS and specialists at the RBG Kew.
Cameron Diekonigin
Cameron lives in Edinburgh, having moved up from the Southwest of England about 10 years ago. Although he took an interest in fungi during his teens, it wasn’t until after his move to Scotland that he took up mycology more seriously. His ‘day job’ is as an adult learning specialist but when away from work, he spends much of his time either on forays or looking down his microscope, with books open in the pursuit of an identification. His favourite groups of fungi are gasteroid fungi, Zygomycota, fungi that parasitise insects, and those previously classed as pyrenomycetes or ‘black things on sticks’. Cameron regularly involves himself in public events such as public forays and talks as well as organising fungal events for local societies and organisations.
Corina Marcos
Corina Marcos was first introduced to fungi as a child, when searching for mushrooms with her mother in the woods of Romania. Years later, she decided to grow her own - firstly using a kit and then gradually learning how to nurture them herself. In this short film, Corina explains how she was drawn into the fungal world and shares some beautiful photos of her favourite fungi. Corina recently wrote an article on "Citizen Science: For the Fungi" for the BMS Newsletter; you can read an excerpt of her article over in our Blogs section.