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  • Bringing Academics, Educators, Enthusiasts & Families together
  • Raising public awareness of fungi & fungal science
  • Forging links with Industry & Academia
  • Providing a platform for public engagement with fungal science
  • Five reasons why fingi have shaped the world

Planning an event?

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UKFD in 2020 took place entirely online

Due Covid-19, all UKFD activities for 2020 happened online. Click here for details of events that took place over UKFD weekend October 3rd & 4th. Browse the website for some of the events that were recorded. Competition results are also now available. Click on the Competition Banner at the top of the page.

5 Minutes of Fungi

For our UKFD 2020 Online Special - we contacted some of the UK’s finest mycologists and asked them to share 5 minutes of fungi with us all. With nothing but a phone in hand, could they offer us a little insight into an area of fungi that really makes them tick? These are the results!

Artists, Designers & Photographers

Are you fascinated by the beauty and diversity of fungi? Are you interested in learning more about how to use fungi in art and design? Would you like to exhibit your work at a UK Fungus Day event?

Museums & Tourist Attractions

If you work in a museum, gallery, nature reserve, park, garden or other tourist attraction, you can take part in UK Fungus Day. Here is a selection of ideas that your venue could do to engage you visitors.

Families & Children

Become a fungus detective, learn how fungi put the bubbles in bread and grow your own mushrooms on toilet rolls. Why not take the family along to a local UK Fungus day event?

Higher Education & Research Institutes

Many fungal biologists would normally organise talks and demonstrations for UKFD. Due to the Covid-19 these will be put on hold for 2020. Hopefully these will return in 2021and get to meet the scientists performing the latest research into fungal biology and learn about their work.


Are you a teacher or an educator and keen to bring fungal science into the classroom? Find out how your school can get involved in UK Fungus Day.

Fungi in the wild

Do you enjoy exploring the wild? Would you like to be shown the natural world of fungi or do you have expertise you can share with others?


Is your business involved in fungal science, biotechnology, healthcare, agriculture or mushroom cultivation? Find out how your business can get involved in UK Fungus Day? How can UK Fungus Day work with you?

Journalists & Media

Thanks for your interest in UK Fungus Day! All the information you'll need is on this page. Please get in touch!