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    British Mycological Society Launched First Virtual UK Fungus Day

    In wake of COVID-19, fungal charity produces slate of online events

    Saturday 3rd October and Sunday 4th October

    Celebrate the wonderful world of fungi!

    Life on earth depends on fungi.  Over the weekend we hope visitors to the various online activities found out how, why and what fungi do to improve our lives and our environment. 

    Fungi are amongst the world’s most important organisms. They are expert recyclers, plants depend on them, they save lives through the production of such drugs as penicillin, and are important in the manufacture of many different foods. Each year, since 2013, the British Mycological Society (BMS) has helped organise and support a range of public events to help share the magic of fungi. However, with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed unlikely that the restrictive measures currently in place would be fully lifted by October 3rd 2020. As such, the BMS has pioneered a series of online events and activities to allow anyone to learn about the magic of fungi from the safety of their homes. Events included:

    ●     Online talks and Global Experts with Q&A 

    ●     Five Minutes of Fungi Listen to five-minute shorts from mycologists from all walks of life with different specialisms, passions and expertise who want to encourage you to join in the fungal fun.  

    ●     Virtual Forays Take walks in the park and learn about some of the wild fungi that appear in early autumn and see if you can find them in your local park or garden.

    ●     Movie Night Saturday saw an online screening of The Creeping Garden, a 2014 documentary on Slime Moulds directed by Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp

    ●     Fantasy Fungus A competition for all ages. Create your own fungus and tell us all about it. This will continue after UKFD for a short while,  so you can still enter! Competition entry closes Sunday 11th October. 2020.  

    Download a Poster Detailing the many online events that took place over the UK Fungus Day weekend October 3rd & 4th, simply click the UKFD icon favicon.png
    Press Releases
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    What Are Fungi?

    Fascinating Fungal Facts

    The Fungal Kingdom

    Frequently Asked Fungus Questions

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Unfortunately due to the current Covid-19 situation, outdoor events  were not a substantial part UKFD 2020.

There were however a number of exciting Online Events that people enjoyed.

Video presentations from some of these, where available, will be uploaded to the UKFD website under various sections, depending on their theme.  Check out the different categories starting with 

Why not download a poster showcasing the various activities that took place over the weekend  and look forward to the 2021 event.  favicon.png

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