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Meet the scientists performing the latest research into fungal biology and learn about their work.


  • Fungi causing diseases in humans, plants, insects and animals

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  • The science behind our understanding of fungal biology & ecology
Dr Elaine Bignell, Manchester Fungal Infection Group


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 Use our ideas, tools and resources for promoting your research and boosting awareness of fungal biology.

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How to publicise your event
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Blog about your public engagement event

Contribute to our UK Fungus Day Blog by telling us about a recent public engagement activity. What did you gain from taking part?  Did you enjoy the experience? Can you offer any advice or materials to other academics wishing to take part in a similar exercise? Can you write about your research in layman terms and share exciting results with us?



Ordinarily, many fungal biologists organisie talks and demonstrations as part of UK Fungus Day. In 2020, due to the current Covid-19 situation, these  sorts of events will not take place. It is hoped that we can reinstate these in 2021, with support from our academic colleagues. 

There were however a number of exciting Online Events that people enjoyed.

Video presentations from some of these, where available, will be uploaded to the UKFD website under various sections, depending on their theme.  Check out the different categories starting with  this page and the video presentations below and then onto 

Why not download a poster showcasing the various activities that took place over the weekend  and look forward to the 2021 event. .  favicon.png

UK Fungus Day 2020: Presidential Speech
BMS President Simon Avery discusses his research Video available from 15:00 Saturday Oct 3rd
fungi of Antarctica- fantastic new family-friendly film
Beginning with a lecture by Claudia Havranek, Scientific Data Manager in UK Polar Data Centre, the film features interviews with Mari Whitelaw from the BAS Herbarium, Alysa Hulbert from BAS Archives and BAS Ecologist Kevin Newsham. To quote Claudia, making this film has been a lot of fun(gi)!