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Families & Children

There are lots of activities at our UK Fungus Day events that are designed specifically to teach children about the world of fungi. These range from going on a fungus walk with an expert, looking down a microscope at fungus spores and fruit bodies, learning about fungi and food, fungi and disease, fungi and art and fungi in nature, as well as making your favourite mushroom, doing quizzes, making a spore print and blowing up balloons...

Family fun

There are many different ways that your family could enjoy learning about fungi and what fungi do for us.

Fungi Day competition for young naturalists

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  • Learn about the fungi

    Why not start by looking at our mycokids pages where both you and your children can learn more about fungi and what they do for us.

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    Learn about the fungi
  • UK Fungus Day detectives

    Print out a UK Fungus Day Detectives challenge sheet. How many fungi can you spot in the woods?

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     UK Fungus Day detectives
  • Make bread using the fungus yeast

    Learn how yeast, which is one of the smallest members of the fungal kingdom, helps to put the bubbles in bread to make it rise. Follow the simple instructions to make your own UK Fungus Day bread


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    Make bread using the fungus yeast
  • Make a spore print of a mushroom

    Have fun making a spore print of a mushroom.  What colour spores do they have? You can also make funny faces if you like!

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    Make a spore print of a mushroom
  • Grow your own mushrooms

    This soggy toilet roll is producing a crop of Oyster cap mushrooms that you can eat. Oyster mushrooms are great at recycling, they love breaking down waste. You can grow them on shredded envelopes or card, old books and even spent coffee grounds!

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    Grow your own mushrooms
  • Make a mushroom mask

    Ask an adult to print this template onto A4 card and cut it out. Using any colour you like, colour it in. Hold the mask in place using a lolly pop stick, fixed to the base with tape, or ask an adult to thread string through the pre shaped holes. Have fun pretending to be mushroom fungi!

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    Make a mushroom mask
  • Make Plant Pot Fungi!

    Use our Mycokids character templates to make fun fungal partners for your pot plants!

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    Make Plant Pot Fungi!

Events for the family

There are lots of family fun events around the country over the weekend of 8 and 9 October. Take a look at a few examples…

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