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Artists, Designers & Photographers

Why not send us your artistic images of fungi so that we can upload them to our gallery. Share your knowledge of fungi in art, design  and photography through our Instagram feed. Become inspired by the diversity of colours, textures and forms that the fungal kingdom has to offer. We are keen to hear from you.

Fungi and Art

Fungi make wonderful subjects to photograph and draw.  Their growth forms have inspired work by many artists and designers.

UK Fungus Day 2020: Fungi Folklore
What is a mushroom? Why should you never accept a glass of milk from a witch? How can you avoid being abducted by fairies? Storyteller Kat Lyons invites you to join them to find out the answers to all these questions and more in a brief look at some of the weird and wonderful folklore associated with fungi.
Mariana Heilmann:
Running With Mycelium 2020: Phases I & II - Mariana Heilmann Soundtrack: The sound of Entangled Life and piano ... 4K
  • Running With Mycelium 2020

    Video presentation of Mariana Heilmann’s award winning project 

    Running With Mycelium 2020.

    RWM 2020 is an ongoing project, conceived to be as a space that merges artistic, academic and live observation of fungi. Heilmann’s vision extends to promoting multidisciplinary dialogues and collaborations that will contribute to a deeper understanding of our companion species.

    “As the mycelium runs, I follow its cue, branching outwards making connections”.

    Fungi and Art: Relevance, Presence and Future, is an offshoot of Running With Mycelium 2020.


    About Running With Mycelium 2020
  • Design.Different: A Week of Inclusive Design Events

    Learn more about how collaborations between scientists, engineers and designers have led to the development of novel materials and products using fungi as a resource.

    There are six short online events, spread throughout the week to fire your imagination and feed your innovation. Register your interest here.

    Design Different- 7 Days of Design Events
    Design.Different: A Week of Inclusive Design Events
  • Myco-couture: Fungal Growth Inspired Fabrics

    What if biotechnology could grow fabrics from cheese-moulds? Here are some bio-textiles grown from Penicillium camemberti and Penicillium roqueforti.

    More information
    Myco-couture: Fungal Growth Inspired Fabrics
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