The Adventures of a Friendly Fungus

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a fungus? Now’s your chance to find out!

This game lets you play your way through the adventurous life of a very special type of fungus: a mycorrhizal fungus. Mycorrhizal fungi form partnerships with plants, supplying them with nutrients and receiving sugars and fats in return. There are many challenges involved, from finding a plant partner to collecting nutrients from the soil. Can you complete them all?


  • Click the green flag to start
  • Click the yellow arrows to progress through the stages
  •  Follow the instructions for each mini-game to complete all four levels
  • Use the back arrow to return to the instructions for each mini-game

Please note: this game is not compatible with mobile devices

Game not displaying properly? Click here to open on the scratch website:

Enjoyed the game? Let us know on Twitter (@CerealSymbiosis) or email . We’d love to see what your fungal mycelium looks like!