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Help us to bring fungi back into science teaching in the UK! 

Fungi in education & learning

Fungi are poorly represented within the National Curriculum for Science. It is difficult to teach biology without mention of the fungi and what they do for us. The fungal kingdom is arguably the largest kingdom of organisms on this planet and without them, we humans could not survive on Earth. They are a vital component of the terrestrial ecosystem, they are the planet’s best recyclers, every plant has a fungus associating with it; fungi provide foods and medicines and even put the flavour in chocolate! Yet some fungi can rot our homes and food, cause devastating losses to plant and animal populations, and pose a serious threat to the immunocompromised patient.

Help us to bring fungi back into science teaching in the UK! 

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2021 photo competition

Take a fantastic fungus photo and enter this year's UK Fungus Day competition!

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Ideas for teachers

We have teaching resources and lesson plans for each key stage of the curriculum,  designed to promote a greater awareness of the importance of fungi.  We also have competitions to enter and practical activities to try.