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Translating cutting edge research data into tangible outcomes through the business & industry sectors is vital to the UK economy. Fungi and fungal science play a role in driving successful business ventures, giving us better crops, materials for construction, many different foods and medicines.


Water and plastic

"...fungi have the undeniable potential to be used for a whole range of purposes we’re only beginning to grasp."

5 Ways Fungi Could Change The World, From Cleaning Water to Breaking Down Plastics.  Read more about fungal technology in The Conversation

More about plastic waste:

Naresh Magan and Angel Medina-Vaya“...there are moulds, which are known to be able to produce enzymes that degrade plastic components. The question is what environmental conditions you need to accelerate that.”  Prof Naresh Magan and Dr Angel Medina-Vaya of Cranfield University, talk to Ours To Save

How hungry fungi could mitigate the plastic waste crisis

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The Importance of Fungi


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