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Art, design & performance

Fungi inspire the creation of art works and performances and stimulate ideas for craft and design.

The Heeley Mushroom Project - a mushroom pavilion

In the Heeley Mushroom Project, Studio Polpo are designing and building a mushroom pavilion to explore the use of mycelium in architecture. 

Working with children from a local school, the project also imaginatively explores ideas around nature, waste and low carbon construction.

The project involves the creation of an architectural structure made from locally sourced untreated timber, with timber dowels supporting mycelium panels.

Find out more about this amazing architecture !

Large test panel with fungi
Testing panels for the pavilion

Cara's crochet challenge.pngComing soon:

fungus crochet challenge

Cara Burke's video blogs of marvellous mushroom creations!

Voices for the Future - Beatrix Potter

Electric Voice Theatre is exploring the life and scientific work of Beatrix Potter through artistic, musical and creative elements, in relation to current women working in natural sciences and arts who, like Potter, are connected to Cumbria.

Working in collaboration with scientists, artists and local wildlife organisations,  EVT are engaging children at Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary School, Cumbria, in the creation and performance of unique musical pieces celebrating Beatrix as a mycologist.

Live perfomances on UK Fungus Day.... find out more.

Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter, mycologist and children's author

Mycological MasteryProf Roy Watling

A short film, specially produced for UK Fungus Day 2021, featuring esteemed mycologist Professor Roy Watling describing the stories behind Beatrix Potter’s remarkable fungus illustrations. 

Launching here Saturday 2 October !

Becoming Fungi, Becoming Forest - performing the mycelial city

Sirenscrossing creates experiential, site-specifc, time-based works with an international group of collaborators.

Through workshops and performances, becoming fungi, becoming forest will reveal human entanglements in this shimmering ‘biome’ of interacting beings and systems (humans, fungi, trees, microbes, and other life), on scales from massive to microscopic. 

UK Fungus Day will feature a special event that includes sirenscrossing artists in discussion with Merlin Sheldrake (author of Entangled Life) - in person and livestreaming from Coventry... more here

Sirenscrossing collage
becoming fungi, becoming forest