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Watch our 2020 videos from fungus experts and enthusiasts

Liz Holden, Ali McKernan, Brian Douglas

Andy Overall, Martin Bidartondo and Lynne Boddy

Liz Holden
Liz Holden: Liz Holden is a British mycologist who has dedicated much of her life to the promotion of fungi. This outreach work includes significant commitment to the Field Studies Council, Plantlife Scotland and the British Mycological Society. Liz was instrumental in helping devise so many of the 'English Names for Fungi' that so many of us use on a daily basis, and many other extensive activities and resources designed specifically for children.
Ali McKernan
Ali is a self-professed Mycophile (rather than Mycologist), and believes in putting the fun in fungi in order to help introduce the fascinating world of fungi to the public. Also known as 'The FUNgi Guy', Ali promotes all that is wonderful about fungi through his role in the Fungal Education Outreach committee for the BMS. He also creates 'Beginner's guide to Fungi' videos on his popular YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsuM_EFBLSLvOa2omTVOjMg
Dr Brian Douglas
Mycology Team Member, Kew Gardens
Dr Brian Douglas looks at Root Fungi to Rarities with a look at the Lost and Found Fungi project & how this is benefiting fungi conservation in the UK.
Andy Overall
Andy Overall is a long standing member of the BMS and a passionate educator of all that is fungi, regularly leading walks and workshops for the public as 'Fungi to be With'. He has recently published a comprehensive guide to fung. As well as fulfilling leading duties with the London Fungus Group, Andy also volunteers his expertise by helping run the very popular BMS Facebook Account.
Prof Martin Bidartando
Martin Bidartondo is Professor of Molecular Ecology at Imperial College, London, and an Honorary Research Associate at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He is an expert on ecology and evolution mycorrhizal interactions, the symbioses between fungi and plant roots
Prof Lynne Boddy
Lynne Boddy is a pioneering fungal ecologist who has promoted the importance of fungi for many years, and is a leading authority on basidiomycete ecology, producing over 250 papers and books on the ecology of wood decomposition. A previous president of the BMS, Lynne has spoken about fungi in numerous Radio,TV programmes and film documentaries and regularly gives talks to further promote the importance of fungi in our world.