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International Symposium

8 October 2023 / 09:00 - 19:45 BST / Online via Zoom webinar / Free of charge

Book for one, two or all three sessions! Tickets are free of charge.

Fungi are crucial for the functioning of all ecosystems on the planet, and are researched on all of earth’s continents. Their importance in seas, oceans and freshwater ecosytems is becoming increasingly apparent too. This webinar has speakers on a range of topics, including mycorrhizal fungi, lichens and pathogens; mycelial networks and yeasts; terrestrial fungi from the poles to the tropics; the significance of fungi for food, health and future uses of fungi. The twelve speakers are based in, or will talk about, fungi from all continents including Antarctica. The webinar is divided into 3 sessions, across the morning, afternoon and evening UK time. This spread of times will allow attendees from all continents to attend some of the talks live, and recordings will be available to view at a later date. 

Programme (Times are British Summer Time)

Session 1

09:00 - Webinar starts

09:05 - Aquatic fungi, Sally Fryar, Australia

09:35 - What is the world distribution of wood decay by fungi? Implications for climate change,

Yu Fukasawa, Japan

10:05 - Two decades of lichen research in Thailand, Ek Sangvichien, Thailand

10:35 - Fungi diversity and importance in Benin Republic, Bernice Bancole, Benin

11:05 - Questions and discussion

12:05 - Introduction to 'The Future is Fungi Award', Susanne Gløersen

12:15 - End of session

Session 2

13:00 - Webinar starts

13:05 - Africa's mushrooms: their cultural and socioeconomic significance towards the continent's sustainable development, Nailoke Pauline Kadhila, Namibia

13:35 - Mapping underground mycorrhizal networks, Bethan Manley, UK and USA

14:05 - Fungal technologies for a sustainable future, David Andrew Quist, Norway

14:35 - Polar mycology, Kevin Newsham, UK

15:05 - Questions and discussion

16:05 - End of session

Session 3

16:30 - Webinar starts

16:35 - Tropical mycology: good, bad and beautiful, D Jean Lodge, USA

17:05 - The biology behind the Zombie-ant fungi, Joâo Araújo, New York Botanical Gardens, USA

17:35 - Don't forget about the single cells: Yeast ecology in forest environments, Primrose Boynton, Wheaton College, USA

18:05 - Fungal diseases of food plants, Silvia Restrepo, Colombia

18:35 - Questions and discussion

19:35 - Introduction to 'The Future is Fungi Award', Susanne Gløersen

19:45 - End of session

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