Age Category - up to 11 years



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Winner - Age Category up to 11 years

Second place - Age Category up to 11 years Third Place - Age Category up to 11 years
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Eben Grant

Bampton, Devon, England

Theodora Allan

Mytholmroyd, England


Conwy, North Wales

Eben GrantEben says:

I took a picture of a porcelain mushroom in my favourite place - our woods in Bampton. I like their gills best so took a picture looking up.

Theodora AllanTheodora says:

This bolete grows in my grandad's garden under a birch tree. We always love seeing what fungi have grown when we visit and the first time I found a bolete I was so excited to see the spongy pores!

Tomos says:

I found these mushrooms hiding under a hedge when we went out looking for fungi. I took this picture because I think the mushrooms look  like they are  going on a walk.  I'm not sure if they are edible or poisonous? The fungi were growing in a hedge of a path near our house in North Wales.


Age Category - 12 to 17 years



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Winner - Age Category 12-17 years

Second Place - Age Category 12-17 years Third Place - Age Category 12-17 years
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Rutland, England


Conwy, North Wales

Naila Widodo

Bogor, Indonesia

EloiseEloise says:

My photo captures a Dryad's Saddle fungus (scientific name Cerioporus squamosus).  I was taking part in a fungi foray on Saturday 2 October... to my great amusement, having foraged for a couple of hours, when I returned to the car park I spotted this Dryad's Saddle, which surpassed anything our fungi foraying team had found in two hours of foraging in the woods! 

Owen says:

I took this photo in a hedgerow near to our house in the north Wales countryside. It was well hidden under the hedge. I think it is a Russula emetica which I believe is poisonous and will make you sick! I chose to take this photo as the colour really stands out.

Naila WidodoNaila says:

Mushroom at night time. They are easy to find on the rotten wood.  Mostly people do not notice that the mushroom exist.


Age Category - 18+ years



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Winner - Age Category 18 plus

Second Place - Age Category 18 plus Third Place - Age Category 18 plus
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Tony North

Manchester, England

Irina Petrova Adamatzky 

Bristol, UK

Suzanne Boughton

Renfrewshire, Scotland

Tony NorthTony says:

This Mycena was growing on a mossy tree in Styal Woods in Cheshire. I chose it because it was on top of a log which allowed me to get a clear background, and it was a pretty specimen with a long stalk. I took several images and focus stacked them in Photoshop.

Irina.jpgIrina says:

The title of this photo is "Ecological Disaster in an Industrial Wonderland". This project is designed to draw attention to the problems of the human influence on the environment, such as changing the genome of living organisms in order to obtain certain benefits for humanity, the effect of radiation on the growth of animals and plants, climate change issues and environmental pollution. I used 1:64 scale models and Dryad's Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) to recreate the above situations. I'd like to demonstrate what could happen to our Earth in the future, and what kind of legacy we could leave to our descendants. 

Suzanne BoughtonSuzanne says:

Plums and Custard amid Heather in moorland above Tomich. Beautiful Autumn colours, and a display of the varied and intricate structures displayed by fungi and their habitats.



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