UK Fungus Day map


Capture a photo of a fungus that fascinates you !

Your digital photo must have been taken on the UK Fungus Day weekend: 2-3 October 2021

Three age groups for entry: up to 12 years, 13-17 years and 18+ years

Submit your photo online by 6 November 2021. Free to enter.

Rules of Entry


Need some guidance on taking a beautiful picture? 

Check out these 'do's and don'ts' for getting the best fungus photographs!


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(Remember: photos must be taken on UK Fungus Day weekend: 2-3 October 2021)


Tremella mesenterica - Yellow Brain Fungus


For primary school children

by Electric Voice Theatre

Choose your own favourite fungus.  Find out as much as you can about it, where it lives, what it does...

Think about what Beatrix might have written about your fungus in a new, fantastic story.

Make up your verse (you can write just the words or add musical notes or record yourself singing – and you can draw a picture too!)

Submit your entry by October 29th.

Judges: Judith Weir, Master of the Queen's Music and Professor Lynne Boddy, Mycologist
Join a Zoom event on 10th November to hear all the winning verses in one HUMUNGOUS FUNGUS MEGASONG!