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To celebrate UK Fungus Day 2020, we held a creative competition. Participants were encouraged to invent their own fantasy fungus using anything they could find in their home (or garden). 

Entries were judged by: Professor Lynne Boddy - one of the UK’s most esteemed mycologists - a pioneer in the field of fungal decomposition (the recyclers!) who has many tv appearances to her name, not to mention over 250 research papers published. Martin Bidartando - Professor of Molecular Ecology at Imperial College and an Honorary Research Associate at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Martin is an expert on the symbioses between fungi and plant roots. Mariana Heilmann, an accomplished artist, with a particular interest in fungi as her chosen subject matter. Ali McKernan (aka The FUNgi Guy) who is an enthusiast for all things fungi, and a fungal artist in his own right.   

Meet the Judges 

2020 Fantasy Fungus Competition Winners.
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  0 - 11 years 12 - 17 years 18+ (Big kids)
1st Bonnie Nicholson 1st prize 0-11 category.gif Chloe Beard 1st Prize 12 -18 category.gif Alicia Shearsby 1st Prize 18+ Category.gif
2nd Anthony Hamilton 2nd Prize 0-11 Category.gif Evelyn Weston 2nd Prize 12 -18 Category.gif Nick Davidson 2nd Prize 18+ Category.gif
3rd Eben Grant 3rd Prize 0-11 Category.gif John Forgie 3rd Prize 12 -18 Category.gif Carmen Peach 3rd Prize 18+ Category.gif
Notable Mentions

Omar - Juniper House Notable Mention Category.gif

Jenny Marshall - Notable Mention Category.gif