07 | 10 | 19

Composting: recycling for the future

As I watched a JCB disassemble a 10m high compost heap so we could take samples back to the lab, I began to reflect on where my research career had led me. Read More

07 | 10 | 19

An Artists Perspective

Fungi have held a long-standing fascination for some botanical artists and even though they are not part of the plant kingdom, the illustration of them falls into this genre of drawing and painting. Read More

23 | 09 | 19

Fungal cells with a built-in navigation system

Fungi are microbes that permeate the world around us, re-cycling organic and inorganic materials to make new building blocks for life... Read More

14 | 09 | 19

Fungal foes forge ahead

People are strange. A striking example of that strangeness can be seen in the way we create and relate to monsters. Horror as a genre has longstanding appeal: from the monsters of mythology through Stoker’s Dracula to the modern horror movie, our enjoyment of the chilling endures. At the same time, we have a startling ability to ignore the chilling in the everyday world. Read More

13 | 09 | 19

Mycorrhizal Fungi and Your Garden

A mycorrhiza is a special beneficial relationship between a fungi and the root of a plant. The name comes from myco (meaning fungi) and rhiza (meaning root). Read More