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International Seminar for World Fungus Day

A world of fungal talks... Hear from renowned speakers spanning all continents in this series of online talks. Saturday 2nd October.

Fungi near you

Delve into the natural world of fungi and share your enthusiasm or expertise with others

5 minutes of fungi

Short videos from from beginners and experts, sharing their fascination with fungi

Fungal science & research

Find out about the latest research, meet the scientists and learn about their work.

Art, design & performance

The beauty and diversity of fungi inspiring craft, design and creation.

Families & children

Become a fungus detective, learn how fungi put the bubbles in bread and grow your own mushrooms on toilet rolls. Or join a local UK Fungus Day event.

Business & technology

Fungi in industry, biotechnology, healthcare, agriculture and more

Museums & tourist attractions

Museums, galleries, nature reserves, parks, gardens and other tourist attractions offer different views of the fungal world.


For teachers, educators and others keen to bring fungal science into the classroom

Journalists & media

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