UK Fungus Day included live and online events and actitvities over the weekend of

Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd October.

Follow the links in the programme below to find out more.

Live and launching on UK Fungus Day 2021

Thank fungi it’s Friday – again!

The BIG quiz.  7.00pm, Friday 1 October.  (Free to take part.) 

Fungi events near you

A chance to get outside and delve into the natural world of fungi. 

International seminar for World Fungus Day

A series of online talks from 12 renowned speakers spanning all continents. Hosted by the Arboricultural Association. Saturday 2 October. 

Mycological Mastery

A short film, specially produced for UK Fungus Day 2021,  featuring esteemed mycologist Professor Roy Watling describing how he uncovered the stories behind Beatrix Potter’s remarkable fungus illustrations.

5 minutes of fungi

Fungi experts and enthusiasts present short videos on their favourite subjects.

Megasong of microscopic music

The children of Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary School introduce their song for Beatrix Potter’s Fungi. PLUS: children’s competition to create a new verse for the song and performance of new music inspired by mycology. 

A fungal walk with the FUNgi Guy

Take a virtual walk in the woods with the FUNgi Guy to see just how many different fungi can be found all around you. 

The mycelial city

Live in Coventry, UK City of Culture -  performance artists in discussion with Merlin Sheldrake (author of Entangled Life).  

Photography competition

Capture a digital photo of a fungus that fascinates you on the weekend of UK Fungus Day and submit it to our competition! (Free to enter)

Online and on-demand

Science and research

Blogs, talks and information from scientists about their fungal research. Featuring The Friendly Fungus Game... ​​​​​​

Art, design and performance

Fungi inspiring creativity from crocheting and felting to architectural materials and human-mycelial networks. 

Make, create and learn

Games, crafts, creations and fun investigations for children. 

Business and technology

Fungi changing the world through construction, foods, medicines and more. 

UK Fungus Day Friday Night Quiz poster